Private Victor Briggs thought his leave in Calabar Town would be a break from the chaos of the world. But when he overhears a gangster pastor...

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Richard Odey

As a dedicated writer, Richard Odey is committed to creating engaging and thought-provoking stories that will captivate his readers. With a background in military service, sociology, and a passion for literature, Richard has turned his love for reading into writing. His specialty lies in crafting narratives that authentically depict military life and deliver action-packed stories mostly set in Nigeria, although he equally loves exploring different genres, including science fiction, fantasy and autobiography.

Through his writing, Richard strives to provide his readers with a captivating experience that will leave them feeling entertained, enriched and inspired. He takes great pride in his work and derives immense joy from the creative process, all while keeping his readers' enjoyment at the forefront of his mind.

When he's not busy crafting his latest work, Richard can be found spending time with his family, exploring the great outdoors, and staying active through weight lifting and hiking. He hopes his dedication to excellence both in his writing and personal pursuits will serve as an inspiration to his readers.